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Blogs from January, 2013


Authorities initially blamed a Texan student, C.B., for wounding himself and two others with a pistol on the Lone Star College campus on January 22, 2013. Earlier today, however, prosecutors dropped the charges against him due to some new evidence. The Harris County Sherriff says that at the time of the shooting, the two other victims accused C.B. of shooting them. When they questioned him, he refused to answer so police took him into custody. It was only after he was charged with aggravated assault that he pointed the blame to another student, T.F.

According to a local San Antonio newspaper, law enforcement officials say that the shooting occurred after one of the wounded students bumped into T.F. They both got into an argument, but parted soon after. A half an hour later, the two saw each other again, and then T.F. allegedly shot the student in the abdomen and leg. C.B. was also shot in the leg, along with a campus maintenance worker who was in the room at the time of the shooting.

C.B. maintained his innocence during the entire investigation, but the prosecution only dropped the charges after more witnesses were interviewed and evidence was collected because they were "better able to determine who was where, and what actually occurred". C.B. has since been released from prison. The new suspect, T.F., faces charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest. His defense team commented that T.F. knows it was inappropriate for him to have a pistol on campus and he was sorry that innocent people were hurt.

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