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Blogs from February, 2013


A former coach at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School has been charged with aggravated sexual assault of one of his young students from when he worked as a physical education teacher at the school in Bexar County. According to court records, the school fired the defendant, J.D., early last fall after reports of an inappropriate romantic relationship with a female student were brought to the surface. J.D. has been indicted by the county court on two counts of aggravated sexual assault and set bail at $75,000.

Former Coach Faces Life in Prison

The Catholic school requires a criminal background check for all teachers, which the defendant had passed prior to being hiring. When reports were made of the assault, the school forwarded the reports to Child Protective Services and San Antonio police. J.D. was dismissed from his position as a result and was arrested for the charged crimes on Wednesday morning. Under Texas law, the former coach can face life in prison if found guilty of the two first-degree felony charges. The hearing date for the trial has not yet been released but J.D. is subject to civil cases by the families of the two young girls, who were both under the age of 14, after the criminal trial has concluded.

Penalties for Sexual Assault in Texas

Texas law is very strict on any sexual conduct that harms children physically or emotionally. Conviction of these crimes carries severe penalties which can include significant fines, offender registration, and up to 99 years in prison. Harsher penalties may be given to repeat offenders of child sexual assault. It is essential to anyone who is facing charges such as these to hire a criminal defense attorney immediately. Being accused of a crime as serious as sexual assault on a minor can be very frightening and a criminal lawyer with the skills and experience required to defend you can increase your chances for the success of your case. If you are facing such charges, The Law Office of John J. Fox would like to be your advocate and fight for your best interest.

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