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Legal Ramifications of Your Speeding or Radar Ticket

Each and every day, dozens of individuals are pulled over and given a traffic ticket for speeding, driving recklessly, failing to wear a seatbelt, or violating some other traffic law. While many people simply pay their ticket and brush it off, speeding tickets are serious infractions of the law that can accumulate and eventually have serious consequences. Officer writing ticket

The way that the system works regarding a person's ability to drive is as simple as this: to drive legally is a privilege, not a right. Unfortunately, your insurance has the ability to nearly revoke that right if you have been pulled over for too many traffic tickets.

When a person has accumulated two, three or even four speeding tickets, their insurance company will immediately be informed and adverse consequences will be the end result. In response to a driver's frequent run-in with the law, an insurance company has the power to increase your premium or even revoke your coverage altogether. Driving without insurance is extremely ill-advised, especially for an individual that continuously receives speeding tickets. There is a way to take a proactive legal stance and to fight against these serious damages to your driving record.

Can a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer fight a speeding ticket?

By contacting a San Antonio criminal defense attorney, you will understand the rights you have at the current time and your options. In some cases involving a radar ticket, the radar gun may have not been calibrated or maintained properly, possibly giving an incorrect read to the officer that has used it. Furthermore, many radar guns require an officer to hit a certain point on a person's vehicle, and missing this point or hitting a mirror can result in a false read. There are many different defense strategies associated with fighting a speeding ticket, and the team from the San Antonio Law Office of John J. Fox can show you how! Call the firm today for an evaluation of your case.

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