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Child abuse is considered as any act or decision by a parent or caregiver that results in the harm, potential for harm or the threat of hard to a child. This mistreatment can be physical, sexual or emotional and can take place in the child's home, school or community. Convictions of child abuse carry some of the heaviest penalties on both state and federal levels due to the age and condition of the alleged victim. For help defending yourself against child abuse charges contact a San Antonio criminal defense attorney from our firm.

Child abuse can take a variety of different forms. The most common include neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. Physical abuse of a child involves physical aggression at the victim by the particular adult. Any intentional infliction injury or actions that may place the child at a known risk of injury or danger is considered illegal and punishable by the law. Sexual abuse is considered as using a child for the stimulation of sexual desires by an adult. Whether or not the sexual act is consensual, as long as the child is a under the age of 14, the adult is subject to severe legal consequences. You can read more about sexual abuse of a child here.

Neglect or failure of a parent or guardian to provide a child with needed food, shelter, medical care or safe environments is considered child abuse and subject to prosecution. Failure to supervise a child to the degree that the child's health, safety and well-being are at the risk of harm is considered negligence on the part of the supervising adult. Emotional abuse of a child involves social or psychological deficiencies in the development of a child due to the result of hostile behavior from a parent or guardian. This may include loud yelling, rude behavior, intentional ignorance, harsh criticism and denigration of a child and their personhood. Regardless of the form of child abuse, accusations under this category carry a natural lean towards the accuser rather than the accused because of the helplessness and weak nature of the child involved.

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Child abuse is considered a felony offense in Texas. Depending on the severity of the crime charged, convictions of child abuse can carry a sentence of anywhere from 180 days to 99 years in prison. Prosecution of alleged child abuse offenders is ruthless and aggressive. An adequate defense against such charges requires the most skilled and experienced criminal defense attorneys. At The Law Office of John J. Fox, we understand the seriousness of being accused of child abuse and domestic violence. Our attorneys and staff are committed to working tirelessly to see our clients through the various and complicated elements of a trial and we are determined to see their rights and interests protected.

Ultimately, what it comes down to for our firm is a devotion to providing the best defense available in our area to our clients. We believe that in providing tough, aggressive legal representation to each client, no matter what they are being charged with.

If you have been accused of child abuse, it is in your very best interest to contact a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer from The Law Office of John J. Fox to discuss your situation and schedule a free consultation.

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