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Blogs from June, 2020

Learn Valuable Information from the Comfort of Your Own Home

On Friday, June 12th, Attorney John J. Fox will take the virtual stage by storm and discuss criminal record sealing eligibility in Texas. Our attorney will share a captivating presentation via Zoom about record sealing qualification requirements and explain the process of how to file an Order of Nondisclosure Petition with the proper court. Click here for more details and learn how to participate!

Sponsored by the San Antonio Black Lawyer's Association, this online Continuing Legal Education Class (CLE) begins at 9 a.m. and will focus on “Law in the Time of COVID-19.” Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn key information and insights from our lawyer through the click of a button.

If you would like to learn more about how The Law Office of John J. Fox can help you, contact us at (210) 460-1221 for a free consultation.

Benefits of Record Sealing

A recent expansion of Texas law now permits more crimes to be eligible for record sealing, meaning more people have the opportunity to move forward with their lives without the pressure of knowing the public has access to their record. The only parties who can view sealed records are government and law enforcement agencies, but employers and other members of the general public cannot view them. This means that if you get your criminal record sealed, you have legal permission to say that you never committed any crimes if an employer or landlord, or anyone in general, asks.

Not every criminal conviction qualifies for record sealing, however. Attorney John J. Fox will explain in detail what can and cannot be sealed, as well as how to successfully complete the required processes needed to give you the clean slate you deserve.

When your criminal record is sealed, your peace of mind is restored.

We look forward to having you join this engaging and beneficial presentation. If you have further questions or would like Attorney John J. Fox to represent you, please let us know.