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Blogs from December, 2019


The San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (SACDLA) recently held its Nuts n’ Bolts Seminar as part of its Continued Legal Education (CLE) programs. As the name implies, the Nuts n’ Bolts Seminar goes over the basics of criminal defense casework and laws, while also diving deeper into key subjects. Attorney John J. Fox of The Law Office of John J. Fox in San Antonio was featured during the seminar as a guest speaker.

Due to his extensive experience with driving while intoxicated (DWI) defense cases, Attorney Fox was asked to speak about how DWI convictions could be cleared up with expunctions, nondisclosures, and record sealing. It is important for DWI lawyers to understand and utilize all available options for their clients, including what can be done after a conviction. All in attendance were able to hear directly from one of the leading local attorneys for DWI expunctions, which will hopefully help ensure a fairer criminal justice system for clients throughout San Antonio and beyond.

Attorney John J. Fox is also a current Board Member of the SACDLA. He began his term in 2019, and it expires in 2020. Board Members are carefully elected and selected to best promote and follow the vision of the SACDLA, which is preserving the rights of local citizens when accused of a crime.

Would you like to know more about Attorney John J. Fox and his legal services available in San Antonio? Are you facing a DWI or criminal charge and don’t know where to turn for help? Call (210) 460-1221 to speak with a team member from The Law Office of John J. Fox today.