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Blogs from September, 2016


San Antonio criminal defense lawyer John J. Fox is slated to give presentations at multiple venues for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars.

On Friday September 23, Attorney Fox spoke at the San Antonio Black Lawyers’ Association (SABLA) Continuing Legal Education Seminar in a presentation titled “Post-Conviction Consequences of DWI.” This presentation focused on the consequences of a DWI conviction as it pertains to a person’s driving privileges and how attorneys can fight for the shortest suspensions possible. Also included was information on how to advise clients on retaining their driving privileges for educational and other necessary purposes. Attorney Fox has been asked three previous times to speak at this seminar.

November 4th will see Attorney Fox present “Intoxilyzer 9000 Issues” at the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Association (TCDLA) in San Antonio regarding how to dispute Intoxilyzer 9000 results for DWI cases. This will be the 3rd time Attorney Fox has spoken at the seminar who is a former associate course director for the seminar, one of the best-attended ones of its kind in Texas.

Finally, Attorney Fox will be giving a presentation titled “Probation Primer—Preparing Your Client” at the San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Association (SACDLA) Continuing Legal Education Seminar on Friday November 18th.

This presentation will revolve around how to keep clients informed on a wide-range of issues related to probation including online means of fulfilling probation class compliance, early termination of probation statutes, common snares in the probation process, and other matters. For the last decade Attorney Fox has given a number of presentations at this seminar on DWI-related topics.

If you have been arrested, call our highly-experienced defense attorney John J. Fox for skilled and aggressive representation today!