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Blogs from September, 2013


In San Marcos, Texas, a woman was arrested for her sixth DWI offense. This last arrest occurred last year and the Hays County jury has officially sentenced her to life in prison on Wednesday, September 18th. The woman has been convicted of five previous DWI offenses starting back in 1996. She has spent time in jail for these previous offenses. Her sixth offense involved erratic driving while appearing to be intoxicated along with an open container of beer in her vehicle at the time of the offense. Each DWI offense comes with serious penalties in the state of Texas, and multiple DWI convictions only lead to harsher consequences. It is imperative to fight against DWI charges, even first-time charges to prevent the serious penalties of a first, second or subsequent DWI offense.

Penalties for DWI in Texas

A first-time DWI in Texas could result in between three and 180 days in jail along with a fine of up to $2,000 and a license suspension for at least 90 days. Penalties increase for second DWI offenses to between 30 days and one year in jail, a fine of up to $4,000 and a license suspension for at least 180 days. Each offense after that could result in longer sentences, larger fines and longer license suspensions. This woman in Texas had five previous DWI convictions which had resulted in a life-long prison sentence for her 6th offense.

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