San Antonio Hit & Run Attorney

Fighting Back Against Hit and Run Charges

Hit and run, or leaving the scene of an accident is a serious charge in the state of Texas. If you or a loved one has been charged with this crime, it is in your best interests to speak with San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney John J. Fox at your earliest convenience. When an individual is involved in an auto accident, he or she is bound by law to stop at the scene and to not only provide the other driver with insurance information, contact information and driver's license information, but to ensure that the other driver is safe from harm.

If it is found that one driver did not stop and provide information or assistance, he or she can be made to face serious criminal charges. Hit and run charges are prosecuted to the fullest extent in Texas. Anyone facing this charge can improve their chances of lessening their penalties or getting their charges dropped by hiring a skilled and experienced hit and run defense attorney.

Hit and Run Defense in San Antonio

Anyone accused of a traffic offense as serious as a hit and run has the right to high quality legal counsel. Every aspect of your defense case should be investigated in order to ensure that your rights have not been violated and that you have been handled legally. A lot of defense tools may turn up from this investigation and the more time you grant an attorney to review your case and conduct and the investigation the better chances you may have.

Being arrested for a crime can be extremely traumatic. The criminal justice system can be daunting and confusing. To help deal with the stress that you may be feeling, a qualified attorney from our firm can give you the information that you need regarding your charges. Contact a San Antonio traffic offense lawyer today so you can begin the legal process.

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